Carmelray Industrial Park 2 Locators

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  • Service Providers

Able Speed Manufacturing Philippines, Inc.

Acbel Polytech Philippines, Inc.

ADAMAY International Co., Inc.

Adampak & Print Philippines, Inc.

Advanced Forwarding and Brokerage, Inc.

Advanced Tradelink Philippines, Inc.

Advantek, Inc.

Amelco Desiccants, Inc.

Ams Asia, Inc.

Asurion, LLC

Belton TOTOKU Philippines, Inc.

Boston Semi Equipment Philippines, Inc.

BSE, Inc.

CCL Label Industries Philippines

Circuitronix Philippines, Ltd.

Closure Systems International Philippines, Inc.

Competitive Global Manufacturing Philippine Islands, LLC

ContainerBoard & Packaging Company, Inc.

Conversant Philippines Company

C-PAK Pte Ltd.

CPL Packaging, Inc.

DaeHwa Digital Technology, Inc.

Delta Design Philippines LLC

Dyson Electronics Pte Ltd.

First Calamba WAKO Philippines Corporation

Foxcolor Tech, Inc.

Franke Foodservice Systems Philippines, Inc.

Frontken Philippines, Inc.

Full Circle Craft Distillers Company, Inc.

GT Jigs & Checkers Manufacturing, Inc.

Hewtech Philippines Corporation

HKT Philippines, Inc.

Hongtai Technology, Inc.

Integrated Packaging Logistics Manufacturing, Inc.

Integrated Recycling Industries Philippines, Inc.

ITO-Seisakusho Philippines Corporation

Kinergy Philippines, Inc.

Kyoei-Kogyo Philippines Corporation

LINOCRAFT Printer Philippines, Inc.

May & Christe Philippines, Inc.

Micro-Mechanics Technology International, Inc.

Miyoshi Technologies Philippines, Inc.

Monde M. Y. San Corporation

MTE Technology, Inc.

Nanos Tech Electronics Corporation

Optowave Manufacturing Philippines, Inc.

Panasonic Industrial Devices Philippines Corporation

Philippine Tohbe Corporation

PRIMEPACK Technologies, Inc.

Prism Puff Pastry Corporation

Psi Technologies Laguna, Inc.

ReFlex Packaging, Inc.

Se Young Precision Corporation

SemPac Philippines, Inc.

SHS Perforated Materials, Inc.

Spi Technologies, Inc.

Tanigawa Seisakusho Carmelray, Inc.

TDK Philippines Corporation

Techno Moldplas Philippines, Inc.

Theming & Animatronics Industries, Inc.

TMC Metals Philippines, Inc.

Tokyo Byokane Philippines Corporation

Universal Harvester, Inc.

VJF Techno Solutions Corporation

XIN KWAN Corporation

Yong Shin Precision InterPhils, Inc.

Zoot Squad Corporation

7 Eleven

99Help Lending Corporation

AVATUS Logistics Corporation

Balfour Beatty Group Ltd.

BDO Unibank, Inc.

Centereach Resources, Inc.

Cut, Strip & Crimp Technical Service Consultancy, Inc.

Eliesel Philippines, Inc.

GEMPHIL Technologies, Inc.

Larrabee Resources, Inc.

LGC Logistics, Inc.

MEI Realty and Services Corporation

Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company

Orient Goldcrest Realty, Inc.

PLDT, Inc.

Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation

ROMMA Electronics Industry Corporation

Security Bank Corporation

Yusen Logistics, Inc.